Christian Dior Handbag 1816 in Red

I'm not a big fan of Christian Dior bags, usually. It's not that they are not nice because they are. They differ in style, skillfully designed and very chic. They are generally, but it is very structured and a bit stiff, and it's just not my style, so I rarely stop to search for. What caught my eye today, while the Dior narrowed forced Range Rover. This is more my speed-slouchy Hobo, soft in vibrant, solid color. What is first arrested me, color is so beautiful and stunning cold weather. It is appropriate, as a neutral winter and shade very warmly, I stop. Can you tell me what u guys think about http://women-style-snob-club.blogspot.com/, but that's just me-skin lamb he might, but I took a look at this bag, and he suggests that it was made of silk or satin. When you have a leather one shines as people have seen? I don't know how they're dyed or printed, equipment to make the appearance, but what they did, it was inspired by choosing one. I would like to be the same bag in purple or wine colour as well as good how about that?
Christian Dior Handbag 1816 Red
Brand : Christian Dior
Name: Christian Dior Handbag 1816 Red
Color : Red
Material: Sheepskin
Size: W39*H30*D12CM
Discount Price : $266.00---65% OFF
Package : Dust Bag, Tag, Authenticity Card

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