True Religion Women Billy Petite Dark Drifter

In this "clothes being leading" era, clothing represents a person taste and temperament, work clothing True Religion Jeans but also represent professional sense, should not be overly fancy sexy, so that those who are good things as "no brains", is the basic cognitive powder led nobles, elegant sophistication of this kind of dress common adjectives.
Office worker at a certain class level, clothing and brand inevitable "stereotyped" situation, familiar brand of hands, the majority OL (Office Lady) dress code principles, including Max Mara, the Episode is known for female working set, or even specialize in middle-level above the mean.
Set to combine formal elegance in the workplace, women style, young OL in fact do not have to abide by, shirt suits under the standard suit, I still have a chance to fight for personal style visibility, able and well-executed with a touch of sexy, with a focus on, in the clothing textures and tailoring, and loose, elegant and well-Lai.
Autumn stationed in Taiwan New York brand Theory, known as the "Banker Style" series, considerably redesigned women in the workplace, to in the first quarter Taiwan OL outlines powder lead image, elastic cloth is striped trousers match shirt and tie, tie free to roll up, outside the shirt waist, even the first button is lower than other brands. Neutral is a more appropriate adjective of sexy, and when you do not intend to reveal too much "powder".
Theory original designer is Andrew Rosen and Israel take Elie Tahari, the latter 70's Disco era name with no shoulder straps under the little one into, further developed a suit concept as OL were still even dress for mainstreaming the decent attire from Style Snob; Andrew Rosen family of origin itself served as Chief Anne Klein, who established Theory in 1997 by " Clutter "for the concept, all costumes are elastic cloth making, with different styles or even to a woman named, so in Theory you can buy through Cheryl, Betty, Chloe, Loretta, Kristin and Gail.
The cold weather, rabbit fur vest with corduroy design, small rabbit fur and imitation military uniforms in sheep's clothing heavyweight items such as jackets, one after another last, pink, pure green, orange and dark red, also from the New York proposal autumn/winter dressing, not Su sat in autumn and winter, work to have to go dressed as a man Po, can be considered a good thing a pile in the workplace.
True Religion Women Billy Petite Dark Drifter
Brand : True Religion
Name: True Religion Women Billy Petite Dark Drifter
Color : Blue
Material: 99% cotton,1% elastin
Feature: 7 1/2" front rise,12 1/2" back rise,15 1/2" leg opening
Discount Price : $128.99–--75% OFF
Package : Dust Bag, Tag, Authenticity Card

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