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Designers Tiffany will attend 2012 spring summer lady show of theme defined for "Afriluxe"--"Africa" (African) and "Luxe" two a word of combination, large of Army Green, and khaki color jerkin style costume, robe like loose even body skirt, wild full of beast sheath, identification of very high of tribe style jewelry, oblique across large backpack sth sth Many of the most typical African style elements, as if I had to bring us to the endless Savannah and desert on the continent.

Michael Kors in the rugged, wild Africa in style and tone, used in Suede, crocodile pattern leather, serpentine leather, furs and grass and other materials, to explain the "Luxe" meaning, this is sufficient, eye-catching bright tie dyed pattern and Leopard dress, joined with the colors of the feathers as an ornament. Obi, strap flat sandal and other leather items, more Michael Kors explorers on the show added a sturdy feel like dressing up.

Tiffany Bracelet Return To Bead Model 7 Style
Brand : Tiffany
Name: Tiffany Bracelet Return To Bead Model 7 Style
Color : Silver
Rank : Five Stars
Discount Price : $49.99–--75% OFF
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