Chanel Ladies Watch White Ceramic H1748

Coco Chanel in her design career, imagination is endless, at the time of design jewelry, she always loves theme such as feathers, ribbons draw inspiration, free play to the imagination, these lightweight, rich in elements to precious materials re-interpretation of female beauty.

Chanel Lady jewelry watches passing on Coco Chanel, Lady of design style, superb tab process reflects the independence is a characteristic of the self. Chanel also uses the pinnacle of jewellery craft, to time overflows the color of the Gem so low key elegant ladies watches, gleaming, each Chanel jewelry and watches are showing remarkable temperament of luxury and status reflects the unique charm of elegant women. Poster Girl for which one saw the portrait?

Chanel Ladies Watch White Ceramic H1748
Brand : Chanel
Name: Chanel Ladies Watch White Ceramic H1748
Color : White
Material: Ceramic
Dimension: 33mm
Merit : WATER-RESISTANCE: Waterproof to 200 meters (600 feet)
Discount Price : $289.00–--75% OFF
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