"Just Cavoli" 2012 early spring holiday ladies series

"Just Cavoli" 2012 early spring holiday ladies series lineage has has always bold, and wild of design style, "is Cavoli" ladies in the common of Python sheath element, met has thin of perspective material and bright of bright color, depicting nature of wild of beauty, and locomotive jacket, and strap thick end shoes, and Golden rivet element, locomotive style element of application, and reveals was city rebellion girls who of wild temperament, two species different of "wild" mutual fusion, gorgeous of color, and sexy of trim, let "is Cavoli" wild of beauty more young, and publicity.
"Cavoli is" (Just Cavalli) 2012 in early spring vacation series women's use of color is more daring and innovative, and most representative of Ji Songshi Green is a large number of applications: pierced silk shirt, waist trim self-cultivation of long skirts, strap dresses, tight dresses, tie snake to the grain of the gradient fan leisure dress sth No one does not get into this dazzling color, body All Black match women style snob club, will also be used between the neck of a turquoise-green silk scarf to light. Addition to seven bright red tight trousers, self-cultivation rose red suit rather gorgeous color items, such as, the more exaggerated color, the more we can show "is the Cavoli" 2012 in early spring vacation series ladies ' vigour, wild style.
Highlight the beauty of the wild large Pythons Wen, of course, "Cavoli is" 2012 in early spring vacation series of ladies ' essential elements. Apart from in perspective thin yarn even body skirt, and wide leg pants, and printing shirt Shang large area elaborate, Python sheath also and shiny of Golden leather combination, or Tibetan in scarf, and belt, distribution ornaments in the, deductive out "is Cavoli" (Just Cavalli) 2012 early spring holiday series ladies ' just right of wild taste, dang nature of wild beauty variable body city girls of handsome new Style Snob, this copies "enough wild only enough fashion" of young vitality is also infection to you?

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