Christian Dior Cannage Shoulder Bag in White

Flower ripple Miss Dior Cherie, a fragrance fragrance regulating, for assaulting Dior (Dior) Miss legendary history and the unique spirit of advanced customization, and every young and elegant. Christian Dior (Dior) to hand-sewing, Miss pink silk satin bows defines its own unique temperament.
Today, flower ripple Miss Dior Cherie launch limited customization, noble and elegant aesthetic interpretation again.
Flower ripple Miss Dior Cherie, into the luxury perfume formulation, as in the advanced customization like fashion, full refining technology of complex and wonderful. Flower ripple Miss Dior Cherie joy of fragrance, pleasant Sicilian orange and citrus blend the essence of light fruity adjustable Kai is played. Subsequently, the fragrance of the tone gradually, soft bloom, bright after many people of Peony aroma, flavor delicate fragrance of roses came with. Chinese Peony, is the color of this vast country's most humane heaven fragrance and national beauty, moral courage and unassuming, immortal as famous and legendary like the one at http://women-style-snob-club.blogspot.com/. Full of modern white musk scent of patchouli and soft melt, Christian Dior (Dior) calls into a chic Wen Xiang, subtle highlights poetry of Hui spectrum of Spring Flower.
Flower ripple Miss Dior Cherie bow is a sign of advanced custom fashion, is really the perfect symbol of love, it to lofty attitude of justifiable to highlight its Christian Dior importance in the history of the brand. Elegant bow as a meaningful primary elements, elegantly linked to at the bottleneck of Dior Miss Dior perfume, to develop advanced custom style, highlighting the high fashion fragrance elegant temperament. This classic bow is a symbol of Jiao South beauty inspiration, based on its unique advanced custom spirit interpretation of Dior Dior fragrance timeless elegance and exquisite production technology.
Christian Dior Cannage Shoulder Bag White
Brand : Christian Dior
Name: Christian Dior Cannage Shoulder Bag White
Color : White
Material: Calf Leather
Dimension: W37xH33xD13(CM)
Discount Price : $250.00–--75% OFF

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